Where We Are, What We Do & sometimes WHY!

Reachfolk is the app for Black interests the world over.

Our interests, preferences, likes and dislikes. Our food, fun and events. Our recommendations and opinions in our words.

Locate the things that matter to us!

Barbershops, Beauty Salons, Events, Organizations, Churches, Social Organizations, Fraternities, Sororities, Fundraisers and whatever you think we should know.


Never be the only one there again... unless you want to. Our folk are here and you'll be able to locate where they've been and where they are.


Recommendations, Ratings and Reviews of all these places by our folk. We have been there to recommend it before you even walk in.

Things to do

Events, Fundraisers and Fun that only we would know. On top of what the city has to offer you'll have some hidden gems.


London, South Africa & Canada we got the hookup on where you should visit and be.


Our folks personal recommendations so you get a real feel for their city.


The best of the diaspora food, fun and cultural events. You are part of us and thus you are invited.

A video is worth 1.3 billion African people words..

Reachfolk Experience

A Day in the Bay!

San Francisco/Oakland is one of the places notoriously known for asking where are we? Come with Reachfolk as we explore the Bay and get you in tune with us!


Get your group ready for fun, commonality and for issues that concern you. It's all here!


Join other groups and never be alone. We will have groups who hike, bike, eat and greet. Whatever your interest you should find some of us already doing it OR start a group of your own.

How to Reachfolk

1. Reachfolk Home

Quickpick options by icon, type a description and start your search.

2. Description, Region & Category

Enter a description, choose by region or choose by category. It's in here!

3. Pictures, Description, Location

Every location will have pictures, description and the address to the physical location.

4. Feedback, Opinions, Ratings

Know before you go! Check out the review, spicy opinions and ratings.


Know where we were and where we are before you get there. Hotels, Restaurants and how we feel about the area. Stay informed!


Contribute to the experiences of our Reachfolk community. If you like it there's a good chance our folk will like it too.




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